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Sprunk Jansen

The Chemistry of love

Image by: Sprunk-Jansen

Who would believe it? But researchers tell us: There is also chemistry behind love and the three phases of love:

When you fall in love certain chemical compounds are released:
Lust is driven by physical attraction and flirting and the chemical compounds involved are the two sex hormones and pheromones which you find in human sweat.
Falling in love - attraction, romantic love and euphoria. Here we feel the so called monoamines.  Some have to do with the feeling of pleasure, some with the feeling    “I master everything and can keep going day and night”, some with sweaty palms or a pounding heart when you see “ the only one”.
Attachment, the sense of calm and stability which keep us together is driven by other hormones. Here other compounds are involved: Vasopressin has to do with being faithfull; Surpressing that can cause unfaithfulness.
Other compounds may explain why – with time – attachment grows as passionate love fades.
This was chemistry, but we all know that we experience love as more than that!


The thoughts that we affiliate with dropping in love, especially the initial Love Letters and highly romantic and enthusiastic levels of the relationship.

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